Adult Ministries

  Adult Ministries  
Introductory Course
Living Stones - for new members
Bible Studies
Following our Lord’s directives to “Search the Scriptures” Christ Alone provides a schedule of Bible Classes to meet everyone’s calendar. In addition to the regularly scheduled classes, Christ Alone also provides seminars on marriage enrichment, improving parenting skills, understanding technology, and financial planning.  These seminars are usually scheduled on a quarterly basis.

Service Opportunities
Just as members of a family all have responsibilities and roles to fulfill in the home, our Christ Alone family is no different. You might hear some of our members talk about their “Part of the Wall.” This saying stands for their role in the Christ Alone family. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, ushering for services, helping with repairs or other tasks, your “Part of the Wall“ is important. Whatever your skill or whatever your passion , there is a “Part of the Wall” just for you and you are invited to be involved.

Fun and Friendships
As a family of believers, not only do we enjoy the opportunities to worship together, we also look forward to the times we can get together just for fun.  Potluck dinners, golf outings, a fish derby, church picnic, seasonal dinners, bowling league, excursions and field trips all give us a chance to know each other better and appreciate everyone’s company.