Become a Part of Our Family!

  Become a Part of Our Family!  
Would you like to join the Christ Alone family?  Walking together on the road to heaven with others of the same mind and faith has many blessings.  We share forgiveness and peace, encouragement and comfort, knowledge and counsel as we encounter the challenges that life places before us.  Above all, we share a Savior’s love and power for life.
The normal path to membership at Christ Alone is a 12-lesson course we call “Discovery,” at different times throughout the year.  Most recently we’ve been offering a live-streamed version, so people can join the class at home. In that course we cover:
  • Bad News/Good News – a “10,000-foot view” of the two main teachings of the whole Bible
  • Our Biggest Problem – how the knowledge of sin makes us crave God’s salvation
  • Knowing God – both naturally (natural knowledge) and supernaturally (revealed knowledge)
  • Jesus Christ:  The Way, the Truth, and the Life  - the story of God’s Son come to save us
  • Saved by Grace – how God’s unconditional love has saved us from death
  • The Bible:  God’s Amazing Word – how we got it, how we grow in it
  • The Washing of Rebirth – a look at how God brings salvation to us personally in Holy Baptism
  • A Heavenly Feast – a special look at the divine feast of Holy Communion
  • The Church – Christ describes it as his own body, and brings salvation through it
  • New Life in Christ – how knowing the Lord Jesus changes us from the inside out
  • The End is Coming – a look at the end of life and this world as Jesus describes it
  • What Now? – a look at what church membership actually means
Taking this class does not obligate anyone to become a member of Christ Alone, but those who desire a closer fellowship with this congregation will be prepared to make that decision in a more informed way by attending this course.  Call the pastors of our church to learn more about upcoming opportunities to attend Discovery.  Bring a friend!