Randy Guse, JD, CPCU, Senior Claim Attorney, American Family Mutual Insurance Company - 1983 graduate of (formerly) Calvary Lutheran School, 2005-2011 Congregational President

"It is a pretty simple matter to say that Christian Education is important. It would also seem self-evident as to why it is important for the long-term. What is more difficult to see is the day to day impact on an individual who has had the benefit of a solid Christian education. In looking back over my college years and the first part of my career as an attorney, I have found that "life" takes great pleasure in knocking you down. I have also found that society's measure of success can be unforgiving and cruel at times. My Christian education at Calvary and later at Wisconsin Lutheran High School has helped me to realize that none of that matters. Because of what Jesus did for me I will always be a success in my Father's eyes no matter what society thinks. That comfort and sense of perspective makes it a lot easier to get up when life knocks you down. I am truly thankful to Calvary and its teachers for an experience that has lasted a lifetime. It is a gift I am now privileged to give to my own children as they are presently students at Calvary."


Jason Hadler - 1989 graduate of (formerly) Calvary Lutheran School, 2009-2014 School Board Chairman, parent of (formerly) Calvary Lutheran School students

"My experience attending Calvary Lutheran grade school has led me to believe that it is impossible to overestimate the strong Christian foundation that is created when you hear and are taught God's word on a daily basis, beginning at a young age. I have fond memories of the teachers, coaches and classmates that I had at Calvary and I feel the Christian education I received adequately prepared me to succeed as I attended high school at Kettle Moraine Lutheran and on through college at Marquette University. As a member of Calvary Lutheran Church, I enjoy being part of a congregation that includes the families of the children I grew up with as well as the families of the children attending our grade school."


Janel Knepel, Business Support Analyst - 1999 graduate of (formerly) Calvary Lutheran School

"The education that I received at Calvary Lutheran School gave me a solid foundation on which to build. After Calvary, I went to Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS and graduated with high honors. After Kettle, I attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison for two years, and then transferred to Alverno College in Milwaukee. I graduated this last May with honors and a degree in Marketing Management. Now I work for a Fortune 100 company and plan to continue my education. Not only did Calvary give me a strong academic foundation, but a solid spiritual foundation as well. I learned bible lessons and passages, Luther’s Catechism, hymns and most importantly how to incorporate my faith into all aspects of my life. Calvary taught me how to be an active member of a congregation and has continued to encourage my spiritual growth. Calvary prepares you for success both academically and spiritually, and I hope that many others will have the same experience I have."


Sue K.

"Making the switch to Christ Alone School was the best decision we have ever made. The teachers truly care for the students and give them the attention they need both as individuals and as a group. Our kids come home happy and have grown and learned so much in the last few years."