10004 Cedarburg Rd         
Mequon, WI 53092

  • Burial decorations should be removed by the end of 2 weeks after the burial.
  • No trees or shrubs may be planted by plot owners or family.
  • No perennials are allowed.
  • Decorations can be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Committee.
  • Decorations should not impede maintenance of the cemetery.
  • Edging, fencing, curbing, stones, mulch and any landscaping items are not allowed.
  • Breakable containers are not allowed.

Lot Agreement
  • A vault container is to be used to prevent cave-in of grave. This rigid container to be used is at the owner’s expense.
  • One above ground monument stone shall be placed on the west end of the lot facing east, on a cement base which is to be 4 inches larger than the marker on all sides.
  • An unwanted lot can be donated back to Trinity Ev. Lutheran Cemetery.
  • Graves can be used only by purchaser and/or his/her immediate family.
  • Graves are to be opened and closed at the approval of the Cemetery Committee and at the owner’s expense.
Sale of Plots
  • Plots are sold to church members only.
  • Sale of plots to non-members must be approved by the Cemetery Committee and are subject to separate pricing.
  • Single Plot - $500.
    • Can be 1 casket or 2 cremations
    • Plots are 5’ x 10’.
  • Double Plots - $900 each.
    • Can be 2 caskets or 4 cremations.
    • Plots are 10’ x 10’.
  • 15% of the sale of plots will be deposited into a Perpetual Care fund; 85% to cemetery operating fund.
  • Headstones are limited to one above ground headstone per plot.
  • Kons Excavating will dig the grave for caskets at the family’s expense.
  • Kons Excavating will dig the grave for cremations at the family’s expense.
  • There is a $100 charge to have the site leveled and seeded.


Procedures to Purchase Plots
  1. Call Church office.
  2. Pick out an unmarked plot.
  3. Make checks payable to Trinity Ev Lutheran Cemetery.
  4. Receive Cemetery Lot Agreement form.
  5. Sale is recorded: name and plot location in Excel spreadsheet in Cemetery Committee folder.

Care and Maintenance
  • The term “PERPETUAL CARE” shall mean; the cutting of the grass upon the lot or grave at reasonable intervals, the raking and cleaning of lot or grave, the pruning of shrubs and trees and such work as may be necessary to keep the lot or grave in good and neat condition in the cemetery.  “PERPETUAL CARE” does not include maintenance and/or repair of gravestones.
  • Damage to headstones caused by vandalism or an act of nature is the responsibility of the family.
  • The church is responsible for general upkeep of the cemetery.
  • Damage caused by the maintenance crew is the responsibility of the church.

Cemetery Hours
  • The cemetery grounds are open every day from dawn to dusk.

Committee Members
  1. Mark Schuettpelz - Property Committee Chairman
  2. Fred Moring - Appointed Chair of Cemetery Committee
  3. Suzanne Moring - Record Keeper
  4. David Grittner - Facility Manager
  5. Nancy Grittner - Church Secretary
  6. Jane Lukach - Historian

Trinity Ev Lutheran Cemetery operated by:
Christ Alone Evangelical Lutheran Church
247 S Main St
Thiensville, WI 53092